Ryan Donato

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I have been thinking of having a giveaway in celebration for having people who like my work. I’d like to say thank you. I’m still working on it so keep listening and I’ll keep you posted (ha).

Ryan Donato

Ryan Donato

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How To Manufacture Your Own Inspiration

Step 1: Take a shot.

Anonyme a dit: Why abstract?

Abstract comes from the world. It is less a distillation than it is an accretion. The material world impresses upon us images and patterns from the first moment we open our eyes. Composition, harmony, proportion, light, color, line, texture, mass, and motion are all vocabulary of sight. We tap into this vocabulary, and the patterns that go with it, when we compose or frame images. The commonality that allows us to respond to images, even abstract ones, is rooted in our ability to recognize infinite manifestations of the physical world and the mental constructs to which they correspond. image

Arshile Gorky 

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Ryan Donato, Four Pieces of an unWoman

Ryan DonatoFour Pieces of an unWoman

Art can be anything.

It is not defined by medium or the means of its production, but by a collective sense that it belongs to a category of experience we have come to know as “art.”

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